Two Italian publishers issue books that contextualize the work of the company. On the one hand, Roberto Fratini portrays a world where participation has become an obligation in Liturgie dell'impazienza. On the other hand, Carmen Pedullà in Il teatro partecipativo. ...Read More

Pim-pam (2021), work commissioned by the 34th Bienal, is an onomatopoeia, a rhythmic game encapsulating an instant that goes back and forth, like a ball hitting the wall in a game of squash. For this installation, Bernat and his group, FFF, created a ...Read More

45 journalists, critics, theater directors and academics have established their pantheon: Twenty shows for the 21st century. The jury's list of winners (LE TEMPS): Inferno, from Dante's Divine Comedy, by Romeo Castellucci, choreography by Cindy Van Acker, Avignon Festival, 2008. 13 votes. What ...Read More

ENA has been born. She receives visitors without an appointment 24/7 in the Teatre Lliure maternity ward. She is learning to speak. So, the more people interact with her, the faster she will learn. She will be at Teatre Lliure until ...Read More

Today, May 1st 2020, VLR and I crossed Barcelona with a red flag. Some of the few passers-by we met made some comments, others gave us a sign of complicity. Most of them continued on their way without contacting us. ...Read More

Le 7 octobre nous avons présenté à Bruxelles le projet de 100 sessions plénières du Parlement européen votées par des personnes sans représentativité. Nous en avons profité pour mettre une affiche sur la «scène» pour que Catalogne puisse voter sans ...Read More

The place of the Thing. Roger Bernat/ FFF, D14, Athens - Kassel 2017 FAILURE AS A STATE OF GRACE (D14/ 4) FINAL STATEMENT The stone from The place of the Thing began its journey from Athens to Kassel last May. After being celebrated, ignored and even ...Read More

Press Release: Since the name of the project is THE PLACE OF THE THING, let's put things in its place. 0) The supposedly stolen stone is an exact replica of the Oath “lithos" from the Athenian Agora, made of porexpan, fiberglass and ...Read More

Documenta invites you to visit THE PLACE OF THE THING (D14/ 1) The route of a rock (Athens > Salonika > Skopje > Belgrade > Budapest > Bratislava > Brno > Kassel > the Avernus) and the still burning footsteps of ...Read More

It is already available Seeing oneself living, the article that Roberto Fratini and I have embedded in Joined Forces. The article took Roberto and me many days of discussions. On the one hand, Roberto distrusted everything related to participation: "Fascism ...Read More