45 journalists, critics, theater directors and academics have established their pantheon: Twenty shows for the 21st century.

The jury’s list of winners (LE TEMPS):

  1. Inferno, from Dante’s Divine Comedy, by Romeo Castellucci, choreography by Cindy Van Acker, Avignon Festival, 2008. 13 votes.
  2. What If They Went to Moscow, based on Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, by Christiane Jatahy, presented at the Comédie de Genève in November 2018. 11 votes.
  3. (A)poland, with texts by Aeschylus, Euripides, Hanna Krall, Jonathan Littell, J.M. Coetzee, performance by Krzysztof Warlikowski, Festival d’Avignon, 2009. 10 votes
  4. La casa de la fuerza, Angelica Liddell, Festival d’Avignon, 2010. 10 votes
  5. Ça ira (1), fin de Louis, by Joël Pommerat, at the Comédie de Genève in 2017. 9 votes
  6. Please, continue (Hamlet), Yan Duyvendak and Roger Bernat, premiered at the Grü, Geneva, 2011. 9 votes
  7. The Encounter, Simon McBurney, Théâtre de Vidy, September 2015. 9 votes
  8. 4.48 Psycho, by Sarah Kane, directed by Claude Régy, with Isabelle Huppert, Paris, Bouffes du Nord, 2002. 8 votes
  9. Phaedra, by Jean Racine, directed by Patrice Chéreau, Théâtre de l’Odéon, Paris, January 2003. 8 votes
  10. Eraritjaritjaka, with texts by Elias Canetti, directed by Heiner Goebbels, Théâtre de Vidy, 2004. 8 votes
  11. Tous des oiseaux, by Wajdi Mouawad, Paris, Théâtre de la Colline, November 2017. 8 votes
  12. Clôture de l’amour, by Pascal Rambert, Festival d’Avignon, 2011. 8 votes
  13. Richard III, Shakespeare, by Thomas Ostermeier, Festival d’Avignon, 2015. 7 votes
  14. The Caucasian chalk circle, Bertolt Brecht, by Benno Besson, Théâtre de Vidy, May 2001. 7 votes
  15. Schutz vor der Zukunft (Protecting oneself from the future), by Christoph Marthaler, Festival d’Avignon, 2010. 7 votes
  16. King Kong Theory, by Virginie Despentes, directed by Emilie Charriot, Théâtre Arsénique, Lausanne, 2014. 6 votes
  17. An Enemy of the People, Henrik Ibsen, by Thomas Ostermeier, Festival d’Avignon, 2012. 6 votes
  18. La Chambre d’Isabella, by Jan Lauwers and the Needcompany, Festival d’Avignon, 2004. 6 votes
  19. Idiot! Because we should have loved each other, Fedor Dostoevsky, by Vincent Macaigne, Théâtre de Vidy, 2014. 6 votes
  20. Le Sang des promesses (Littoral, Incendies, Forêts), by Wajdi Mouawad, Festival d’Avignon, 2009. 6 votes
  21. Les Damnés, by Luchino Visconti, directed by Ivo van Hove, Festival d’Avignon 2016. 6 votes
  22. By heart, by Tiago Rodrigues, Lisbon, 2015. 6 votes.

Photo © Magali Girardin, 2014