Documenta invites you to visit THE PLACE OF THE THING (D14/ 1)

The route of a rock (Athens > Salonika > Skopje > Belgrade > Budapest > Bratislava > Brno > Kassel > the Avernus) and the still burning footsteps of an unlikely epic.

The “oath stone” in front of which the trial of Socrates was held in 399 BC is being sent to Germany. Before being buried in the Thingplatz of Kassel, this stone (Diplomatic offering, Archaeological good, Monument, Payment to the International Community, Typical produce, Forensic evidence?) is walked through various points of the city.

Beginning of the journey, Saturday, May 20, 17:30 h at Parko Eleftherias.

NEUE ALTE POST (Kassel). June 10th till September 17th.

THINGPLATZ (Wolfhagen). Septermber 17th, 12:00h.

THE PLACE OF THE THING is a project by Roger Bernat with dramaturgy by Roberto Fratini and the complicity of various collectives from Athens and the Balkans. Photography: Karol Jarek. Scenography: Freddy Gizas. Graphic design: Ifigenia Vasiliou. Co-ordination: Helena Febrés (Barcelona) and Hibai Arbide and Elena (Athens). Thanks to: Itziar González and Txalo Toloza. Produced by: Documenta 14 with support from CatalanArts_Generalitat de Catalunya and Institut Ramon LLull.