VIDEO Vero – 2004

Velázquez sent a sculptor to Rome to make a copy of the marble sculpture of the Hermaphrodite. The sculptor made a bronze figure, currently exhibited in the middle of one of the rooms dedicated to Velázquez at the Prado Museum. It’s a figure lying on a pallet, of slightly smaller dimensions than the real-life model’s.

Within the context of El somni eròtic by La Panera de Lleida (between October 16th and November 24th, 2004), we made our own copy on video. But on that occasion, instead of using the Roman sculpture as a model, we went to Zurich where a friend works: she’s got them same attributes as the Hellenic figure. The 14 video shots remind us at times of the main character in Warhol’s film Sleep. But whereas the American artist tries to capture a slice of time, we try to concentrate sexuality in a single figure.

Video 11’02’’ by Roger Bernat. Music: Alva Noto. Camera and Editing: Ivó Vinuesa. Production: Centre d’Art la Panera. Also exhibited at: Galeria dels Àngels (Barcelona) and Galerie Anita Beckers (Frankfurt)