Premier at Festival Via –Mons (Bélgica) / Maubeuge (Francia)-March 2010

After seeing Domini Públic (Public Domain), Pascal Keiser at Le manège invited us to produce a new project, but we suggested instead to keep developing Domini Públic so that we could stage it without having to travel to the place Keiser offered: Domini Públic, control remot (Public Domain, remote control). There’s something contradictory about traveling; on the one hand, it’s a demonstration of power, but on the other hand, it’s so boring! So we wanted to “throw” the show from home as the audience participates from anywhere else.

We only need an Internet connection (that’s easy); the tricky part is to control the video signal delay to keep it in synch. Let’s see if among the people at Le Manège, Gante’s IBBT and Hangar in Barcelona we’ll find the way to accomplish this


By: Roger Bernat Music: W.A.Mozart, A.P.Borodin, G.Mahler, A.Dvorak, B.Smetana, J.Sibelius, J.Williams, E.Grieg, Abba y Lole y Manuel Musical selection, versions and audio edition: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra Vial Costumes: Bárbara Glaenzel Photos and technical direction: Txalo Toloza Coordination: Helena Febrés Production of DP – Control Remot: Via (Mons/Maubeuge), IBBT (Gand), Hangar (Barcelona) y Elèctrica Produccions.