Teatre Lliure’s direction offered us to participate in the DTD project with a 20 minute piece.

The play Dictadura Transició Democràcia (Dictatorship Transition Democracy) comprises four brief works. Each of them deals with a recent moment in Spanish and Catalonian history, starting in the year of birth of each of the four directors/playwrights: 1962, 1968, 1978 and 1989.

Roger Bernat, with the complicity of historian Pablo González Morandi, have found the recording of the concert given by the Catalonian singer Raimon on May 18th 1968 at the University of Economics and Political Science in Madrid. This gig became very well known for its significance in the fight for democracy in Spain, and it’s even consider by some, as the local cry for freedom that shook the world during that year.

Pablo González Morandi (historian) and Roger Bernat


Player Agnès Mateus / set design Montse Amenós / costume María Araujo / character design Toni Santos / lighting Xavier Clot (a.a.i.) / sound Raúl Lucea / historian Pablo González

OPENING: Teatre Lliure (Barcelona), April 8th 2010, Running time: 20′