Duration: 50 min

In 1979, following two and half years’ of strikes, actions and self governance, the workers at the Númax electrical appliance factory decided to make a film with Joaquim Jordà. Numax, collected the debates from their meetings. RE–presentation: Numax propose to re-enact them.

Re-presentation is a theatrical device used to reconstruct situations. Wikipedia states: “Re-enactment is a method of approaching history that comprises the re-creation of certain aspects of an event a historical period, or a unique way of life based on original documents. Re-enactment is not new. In the Middle Ages, tournaments were often given Roman themes. The Romans themselves re-enacted famous land or naval battles in the Coliseum. ‘Living history’ is an attempt to bring historic events to life for the public or participants to enjoy.”

RE-presentation was proposed in the context of the Pré-fab/Prefab nights, and designed to follow on from the La Soupe américaine/The American Soup exhibition by Jordi Colomer in FRAC Base Normandie, Caen (France).


The audience and a performer nominated by the theatre or venue where the re-enactment takes place are the actors. The performer is to be briefed 60 minutes before the performance.


The audience and performer must be seated in a circle on chairs. These should be approximately the same height. There is no need for an auditorium.


Written by Roger Bernat. With (…) Programmer: Matteo Sisti Sette. Coordinator: Helena Febres. Thanks to: Jordi Colomer, Carolina Olivares, Txalo Toloza, Noe Laviana and Pablo González Morandi.

Photo: Blenda, Brasilia, 2013.

PREMIERE: 29 June 2013 – FRAC Basse Normandie (Caen). ON TOUR: Caen> Brasilia> Lisboa> Caldes d’Estrac> Rio de Janeiro> Girona>

Diagram: Txalo Toloza.