“Pim-pam (2021), work commissioned by the 34th Bienal, is an onomatopoeia, a rhythmic game encapsulating an instant that goes back and forth, like a ball hitting the wall in a game of squash. For this installation, Bernat and his group, FFF, created a simple game, with few rules, for whoever wants to play it. Headphones are distributed on trolleys inside the pavilion. By following the instructions whispered into the headphones, visitors can initiate a strange visit to the Bienal and, at the same time, parasitize it.

Pim-pam evokes a world of direct and indirect protocols in which people are subjected to external forces, successive attacks that emancipate or destroy. The piece makes us aware of a game that we can only understand as long as we continue to play. The artist himself defines it as a playground that “instead of being formed by architectural objects, is articulated by sounds. It contains orders extracted from approximately half a thousand Brazilian sound documents of the last 50 years: excerpts from political speeches or songs, fragments from television shows, advertisements, yoga and meditation tips, Forró and Zumba steps, military instructions, GPS indications, etc.”.

From the Biennial’s catalog.

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