April 30th and May 1st 2010, at SOS 4.8. (Murcia), performing action for the 42.000 people who attend the two days of concerts. This action was commissioned by Artaids.

Description: In three different spots of the precinct, we place an industrial cart with hundreds of placards made with recycled cardboard that read various messages. There’s barely anything in the carts to suggest what they’re there for. The messages, however, allow the participants to communicate with the thousands of surrounding people and with the artists up on the various stages. There are also three high stands, where the participants can climb to be seen clearly by the thousands of people below. Given the placards’ material, we expect the participants to leave them on the floor or drop them in the trash cans once they’re done, so we’ll be able to reuse them later.

RULES OF THE GAME: There are no rules of the game. The presence of the placards and the almost non-communicational situation produced at a big concert, will force some people to meet other. However, the curious thing is that the messages are already written. The participants cannot customize their own placards. So there’s a major hindrance that makes the game even more difficult; it’s not just a mere extra channel of communication.

2000 placards of recycled cardboard with various messages on them
3 industrial carts
9 spotlights (1kw)