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JUNE 06 > Teatre Principal > Olot
JUNE 15 > Teatre Principal > València
JUNE 29 > Teatre Alegria > Terrassa
JULY 11>14 > Festival Grec / CCCB > Barcelona


It all started with a conversation. Two actresses accused Roger Bernat, the soul of FFF company and creator of a series of works in which the central figures are not the actors or actresses but the spectators themselves, of making theatre that was cold and emotionless. They were of the opinion that audience and performers alike don’t just need to find emotion in theatre, they depend on it. This is why Roger Bernat decided to devise a show consisting entirely of emotions – or, more precisely, found emotions (in the manner of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades) – that did not have to be looked for in plot or characters but, to the contrary, would allow a storyline to emerge as a side effect, if at all. Flam (Flan) the show is devised as an exclaimed score where professionals of emotion (actors and actresses), for no reason and in no moral context of either approval or disapproval, laugh and cry (as though we were observing a piece by video artist Bill Viola in which a group of characters display a symphony of emotions in slow motion) while professionals of the senses laugh and cry alongside them.


It’s not that strange that FFF have decided on this occasion to set the theatrical technology of emotions in their sights, because the evolution of laughter and crying in the arts in general and in performance arts in particular says a lot about the history of a Humanity that has turned everything into a consensual device: from Christianity’s cult of suffering to the idealisation of the clown figure; from the affective turning point of indignation to a time – the present – when marketing policies and the politics of marketing rely entirely on emotions.


Play by Roger Bernat / FFF / ITteatre.
Dirección: Roger Bernat. Dramaturgia: Roberto Fratini. Jefe técnico: Txalo Toloza. Ayudante de dirección y dramaturgia: Nicolás Jongen. Intérpretes: Marta Borràs, Antoni Mas, Adrià Ardila, Hodei Arrastoa, Alba Duño, Eva Ortega, Alba Aloy, Mireia Lorente-Picó y José Luís Oliver.
Iluminación, escenografía y vestuario: Ana Rovira. Ayudantes de esceno- grafía: Núria Vila, Adriana Parra y Albert Chamorro. Sonido: Cristóbal Saavedra. Alumna en prácticas (MUET): Nadinka Flores. Observadora: Joana Castellano.
Coordinación de FFF: Helena Febrés Fraylich. Coordinación de ITteatre: Ramón Simó y Pepelú Guardiola.
Producción: ITteatre – Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona. Co-productores: Grec Festival de Teatre, CCCB, Festival Tercera Setmana de València y Elèctrica Produccions. Con la colaboración de: Teatre Principal (Olot), Teatre Alegria (Terrassa) y Teatre Laboratori (Vic).

Foto: Rosa Codina